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Have you ever had a less than fantastic experience with a handyman or contractor? If so. that is exactly why you should choose Finely Finished (in Ballwin, MO) Handyman for your next home project or “Honey-Do” list. From start to finish you will have a positive professional experience that will leave you wondering what else you can finally get done around the house! We provide handyman service for the greater West St. Louis County area

Here’s Why: Finely Finished Handyman Service was begun by Timothy, a busy entrepreneur who realized how frustrating it was to try to find a good handyman whom you could trust to do a great job and price it fairly and accurately. Once finally deciding on a handyman, you hope that it goes smoothly so you won't have to start the process all over again; or worse, be left with that little task staring you in the face for another year while you decide what handyman to hire! Timothy’s goal was to create a simple, one-step process to get these minor annoyances done eliminated for busy professionals all throughout the St. Louis area. Our Team: Timothy has hired a very small intimate handyman crew to ensure quality control so that you will be fully satisfied every time. Growing up in a family that did everything all around the house, he is no stranger to handyman work and is able to quickly tell a crew member what it takes to do it right, and professionally-every time! Professional Approach: Whatever the repair, we take special care to minimize any mess and clean up before we leave. We always arrive on time and will meet or exceed your expectations. Finely Finished is fully insured unlike many handyman companys. We have a $1,000,000 liability policy so you can relax while we get business done. We will arrive professionally dressed and come prepared to knock the job out in one swoop so you can get back to enjoying your home! Email us to explain your job and get a quote today. You’ll finally get that “To-Do” DONE!

We offer Handyman service in the following areas (and more) - Chesterfield, Wildwood, Ballwin, Town and Country, Ellisville, West St. Louis County, Manchester MO, Kirkwood, Glendale and more. Please contact us if you are unsure if we offer handyman servcies in your area.